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"Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike"is a "peer review" scientific periodical published by Albanian Geological Survey since 1964.
The periodical, was first published, until the year 1981 with title "Përmbledhje Studimesh"and was published under the responsability of Institute of Geological Research, the former scientific branch of AGS. At year 1979, the Faculty of Geology and Mining began to colaborate in the publication of periodical throught the partecipation in composition of Editorial Board.
The periodical was named with current name from 1982.Since 1998, AGS took all the responsabilities for the financial suporting of publication, making possible its contiuous publication, as a necessary window for Albanian researchers of geosciences to express their contribute in the development of scientific ideas.
"Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike" is leaded by Editorial Board, certified by the General Director of AGS. Its members are selcted between candidatures proposed by three institutions which perform their activity in the field of geosciences, Albanian Geological Survey, Faculty of Geology and Mining and Institute of Geosciences, Water and Environment
The work of this Board is leaded by "Statute of 'Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike' Editorial Board".


How to submit papers for publication in "Buletini i Shkencve Gjeologjike"

The general policies who lead the etic of papers, language used in papers, the deadlines, ways of evaluation of papers by appointed experts are treated in the document "Leading Principles for the etic and aesthetic of the publications in scientific periodical 'Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike'"
In this periodical are accepted to be published papers from every field of geosciences, which accomplish the requirements defined in the document "Requirements for the authors" Each submited paper are checked first by the Responsible Editor for the accomplishmet of "Requirements for the authors". After that the papers will be debated by Editorial Bord, to appoint the appropriate expert. The expert after the expertise answer by writting to the Editorial Board. In this answer, composed according to the "Aplication for the expertise of the paper submited in scientific periodical Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike" sugesting the necessary improvement, or the decision to reject the paper as unappropriate to be published. Based on this answer the Editorial Board anunce the decision to the authors.

Two ways of the paper editing by BSHGJ

Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike is edited in two languages, (Albanian and English)and in printed and electronic format.

Editorial Board of "Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike"

Prof.as. Dr. Veip Gjoni
Prof. Dr. Ikrakli Prifti
Prof. Dr. Vilson Silo
Prof.as. Dr. Hasan Kuliçi
Prof. Dr. Kujtim Onuzi
Prof. Dr. Alaudin Kodra
Prof. Dr. Aleksandër Vrana
Prof. Dr. Kadri Gjata
Eng. Sokol Marku
(Chairman of the Board-AGS)
(Member-AGS) (Responsible Editor)