Announcements for new publications

"Buletini i Shkencave Gjeologjike" Nr. 1/2018

Is the scientific periodical published annually by Albanian Geological Survey since 1965. There are published original papers which thematic treat problems regarding Geology of Albania.
The process of editing which comprise submitting, grammatical reviewing, first scientific reviewing, specialized scientific reviewing and final decision for accept or refuse the submitted paper, is observed and leaded by an Editorial Board, formed by representative of scientific staff from Albanian Geological Survey, Faculty of Geology and Mining and Institute of Geoscience, Energy, Water and Environment.
Authors of articles are obligated to submit the final version, accepted for publication in both languages Albanian and English.
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"Stratigraphic Chart of Albania" & "Explanatory Text of Stratigraphic Chart of Albania"
by: Selam Meço & Shaqir Nazaj

Authors update the data presented in the International Chronostratigraphic Chart of 2018 with the geological setting of Albania, creating a new Stratigraphic Chart of Albania. The chart is accompanied by the Explanatory text. ...

"Harta Neotektonike e Shqipërisë" scale 1:200.000

Is the last map, published by the cooperation between Division of Programming and Publication and Directorate of Geodata Elaboration.
This publication complete the series of maps in scale 1:200k published during last twenty years which include Geological, Metalogenic, Hydrogeological, Geo-Engineering, Raw Materials Maps of Albania.
The authors of this map, as well as in the above mentioned maps are the most excellent professionals in field of tectonic and neotectonic of Albania ...