Goals and division in projects according to expertise areas

Main Objective
    The Engagement of AGS in important services supporting in the national economy pursuant to Govenment Programe for the time period 2017 - 2021, in accordance to Law No.111/2015, date 15.10.2015 “On Albanian Geological Survey”, Law No. 10304, date 15.07.2010 “On Mineral Sector in Republic of Albania”, amended by the Law No. 134/2014, date 09.10.2014 (“On some amendments and additions in Law No. 10304, date 15.7.2010, “On Mineral Sector in Republic of Albania”, amended”), Law No.10431, date 09.06.2011 “On Environment Protection”, Law No. 111/2012 date 15.11.2012 “For integrated management of water resources”, DCM No. 1189 date 18.11.2009 “On the Rules and Procedures in the Design and Implementation of the National Environmental Monitoring Program”, Law No. 107/2014 date 31.07.2014 “On territorial planning and development”, DCM No. 408, date 13.05.2015 “On the adoption of the regulation of the development of the territory”, Law No.8756, date 26.03.2001 “On Civil Emergencies” amended by the Law No. 10137, datë 11.5.2009 (“On some amendments to the legislation in force on licenses, authorizations and permits in the Republic of Albania”), DCM No.531, date 01.08.2003 “On the Organization, Functioning, Duties and Responsibilities of the Civil Emergency Service”.

The Government Program for 2017-2021 aims:

a) Ending the era of informality in the development of urban and rural spaces and creating an institutional, economic and social environment for the sustainable development of the territory;
b) Further development of the geology and mining sector, transforming this sector into an industry with contemporary conditions and standards;
c) Building the profile of the Albanian economy over the next two decades through priority sectors by mobilizing and using efficiently both the public and private pre-privatization sectors in order to increase domestic production and increase exports;
d) Developing a long-term and efficient strategy for the hydrocarbon sector, putting it under full monitoring, in order to have a sustainable development, guarantee public interest, strengthen the scientific and technical capacities, in view of the development of this sector today and in the future;
e) Continuing investment in integrated local, national and regional transport network, such as "Arber Street", etc., maintenance of the road network, investment in port infrastructure, and the radical modernization of the railway system. The creation within 2018 of landfills for all solid waste in the coastal area of the country. Creating an environment free from solid waste. Their treatment and territorial planning through the definition of the main points of this treatment;
f) Developing national policies and strategies for integrated coastal management;
g) Evaluation of scientific research activity in the country, continuous development and perfection of science legislation, contemporary models of organization, cooperation through application in national and international projects, with the ultimate aim of integrating into the European Research Area;

Main goal
    Continuous transformation of the Albanian Geological Survey into the center of service for citizens to solve current and prospective problems brings concrete recommendations to help decision-making, in implementation of the Government's program, with the aim of further enhancing the role as an advisory, technical and scientific institution of the State.
The realization and fulfillment
    Separation and organization in key development areas, structured in projects to be more efficient in solving today's and future problems.

Field of expertise aproved for 2019 are as follow:

Field I: Basic Geology

Field II: Mineral Sites

Field III: Hydrogeology

Field IV: Hydrocarbons

Field V: Engineering Geology, Geophysics and Geodesy

Field VI: Marine Geology

Field VII: Geoinformatization

Field VIII: Emergency Studies and Publications

Field IX: Analytical Estimates

Field X: Relations between the AGS and other institutions